Experiencing these problems?

Appearance of fine lines or obvious laugh lines

Tired skin from daily stress that is losing absorption of skincare nutrients

Needs hydration without heavy oils

Losing skin elasticity

Post-blemish marks that are difficult to heal or sun spots from occasional sunlight exposure

Experiencing wrinkes, fine lines. Resveratrol cream.

with Mulberry and Squalane
that rejuvenates dry, tired, aging skin

Key Ingredients.
CoEnzyme Q10

CoEnzyme Q10


Black Mulberry Extracts that contain Resveratrol

Geranium Oil

Jojoba Seed Oil


Activates skin's innate ability to self-renew

Delivers long-lasting moisture

Promotes cell repair

Jojoba seed oil
Geranium Oil

Increases collagen production



Smooths out fine lines

Skincare to smooth out fine lines
Resveratrol anti-aging cream. Resveratrol cream.
Moisturiser that protects skin from free radical damage
Moisturiser to increase collagen production
Skincare that activates skin's ability to self-renew
Resveratrol skin benefits. Delivers long-lasting moisture.
Promotes cell repair

Protects skin from free radical damage

Resveratrol face cream. Resveratrol cream.
Best Facial Moisturiser (Night) from Beauty Insider's Choice Awards 2019
Best Facial Moisturiser (Night) from Beauty Insider's Choice Awards 2019

Cell Regenerate Gel Cream has been crowned the Best Facial Moisturiser (Night) from Beauty Insider's Choice Awards 2019.

10 years of


A potent serum-infused gel cream that contains the powerful anti-aging antioxidant, Resveratrol. An elixir that rewinds your skin age, achieving younger-looking skin.

Before and after


Before and after

*After 3 months

Before and after


Before and after

*After 6 months

*Results may vary from person to person based on skin type and other factors.

Nur Ainsha

Good reviews. Ageing skincare with good reviews.

The scent of this moisturizer is soothing. Texture is comfortable on skin. My skin absorbs it with no oily film residue and wakes up nice, supple and radiant. I feel my complexion is healthier and skin is smoother now. I'm recommending this moisturizer to my friends.

Good skincare for wrinkles

Poorvi Ladha

Moisturiser for aging skin that has good reviews.

I have been using the Cell Regenerate Gel Cream and the Ultra Pore Refiner Anti-Blemish Cream for over a month now and the results are amazing!

Within a month I could visibly see the texture of my skin improve significantly. The best thing about the Cell Regenerate Gel Cream is that it provides ample hydration without making the skin greasy. Perfect to use in the hot & humid Singapore weather. The texture is comfortable and soft and the fragrance is very comforting. I think my search for the perfect moisturizer ends here!! Thank you!

Good night moisturiser


Good moisturiser for wrinkles

I'm in my mid-30s, I find this moisturizer a little heavy to use in the morning so I started using it at night and I really like it. The cream feels cool on skin, it's very hydrating and I feel it helps with skin lifting too!

Moisturiser that increases collagen production
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Designed for real results.

With high performance botanical ingredients & clinical grade actives primarily from Italy and Switzerland.

Formulated under strict GMP certified conditions by skincare chemists with more than a decade of experience & forte.

No parabens, silicones & alcohol.

Vegan + Never tested on animals.

PETA verified.

Proven to deliver real results for dry, tired-looking skin.