Lacklustre skin despite daily care

 Losing skin suppleness

Dry skin that might appear rough and causes makeup to look cakey

Skin losing its natural self-defence power and dark spots are taking longer to fade

Uneven skin tone

Experiencing these problems?

with Hyaluronic Concentrate

and Swiss Apple Stem Cell

Enhanced Formulation

anti-aging booster for all skin types

2 tsp.


Key Ingredients.

Delivers moisture & nutrients to the deepest layers of skin


Enhances skin's smoothness

Strengthens skin's foundation

Replenishes skin moisture

Hyaluronic Concentrate

Stem Cell from the rare Uttwiler Spätlauber ("Swiss Apple")

Diminishes different signs of aging

Boosts the efficacy of the moisturizer applied after


Pro-Vitamin B5
Hyaluronic Acid
Locks in moisture in skin
Serum that boosts the efficacy of moisturiser
Face serum that enhances skin's smoothness
Serum that improves skin's softness and elasticity

The Everyday Serum with Hyaluronic Concentrate was crowned Best Hydrating Serum in Daily Vanity Beauty Awards 2019.

10 years of


An intensely hydrating antioxidant serum that assists your skin in properly absorbing and maximizing your moisturizer.

Delivers lasting hydration, strengthens skin's foundation, and diminishes different signs of aging for a youthful and beautifully radiant complexion.


After 3 months


After 1 month

After 1+ months

Results may vary from person to person based on skin type and other factors.

Karen Teh

Everyday Serum for dry skin, oily skin, combination skin, sensitive skin. Good serum for all skin types. Best serum for all skin types. Serum with good reviews. The Moisturizers Co.

I recently bought the Everyday Serum and Ultra Moisturizing Repair gel - they are amazing! I have sensitive combination skin and have large pores concerns, and these two products have been really kind and gentle on my skin! My skin feels moisturized for a longer period of time (the whole working day!) and I experience less redness on my cheek areas. Both are simple to use yet effective!

Face serum with good reviews

Carrie Sim


I was chosen as one of the testers for the Everyday Serum based on my submitted skin concerns - I've relatively dry skin, that seems to be losing suppleness over the years, and I avoid products that contain alcohol. The Everyday Serum is very hydrating and my skin seems to "drink it up" very quickly. After the first month, my skin already feels more supple and at the end of the 3 months trial, I notice my skin looks younger. It could be due to the smoother complexion and reduced fine lines. Thank you for selecting me to try out this serum, I'll purchase it soon.

Facial serum with good reviews

Louise Cheng

Good reviews

I've combination skin, and I was selected for the trial of your new product. I was skeptical in trying a hydrating serum for my oily T-zone, but I'm glad that the texture of this serum is very lightweight and easily absorbed without any stickiness, which is ideal for my skin type. I feel it helps my skin to absorb the moisturiser better too. My face is less oily now, and the skin tone looks brighter and more even.

Face serum with good reviews
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