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Updated: Jun 29, 2020

As we age, it’s important to protect our skin. Whether you’re concerned about premature aging, sun damage, or free radicals, your skin needs to be nourished and hydrated in the same way you would look after yourself. Feeding your skin the right ingredients either by eating a diet rich in vitamins and minerals, drinking plenty of water, or applying hydrating skincare products topically, your daily skincare routine should include a number of powerful amino acids too.

These powerful aminos help improve the appearance and health of your skin. So, if you want to protect your skin and enjoy a bright youthful glow, here are the top 10 amino acids you need in your skincare routine and their remarkable benefits.

1. Arginine - Amino to Combat Free Radicals

Arginine is an incredible amino acid to help protect the skin against free radicals. If you live in a city or built-up urban area, you may already be aware of the harmful levels of pollution all around you. Free radicals are tiny molecules that can really damage and harm your skin. In fact, the presence of free radicals has been linked to diseases such as Cancer and Heart Disease. Arginine in cosmetic products can help restore visible skin damage, boost collagen production, and thoroughly hydrate the skin to give it a healthy and youthful glow.

2. Glutamine - Amino Acid for Skin Damage

If premature aging, fine lines, and wrinkles are your skin concerns, make sure to look out for the amino acid Glutamine in your beauty products. This powerful amino acid can help to reverse skin aging by increasing collagen production, smoothing out the texture of the skin, as well as balancing your natural skin tone. If you have been a bit of a sun worshipper in the past, applying a skincare product with Glutamine on a daily basis will help to combat the effects of sun-damaged skin.

3. Glycine - Skin Cell Renewal Amino

Amino acids have plenty of benefits for the skin but if you’re looking for an anti-aging product, Glycine might be the answer. Another amino that helps to promote skin cell renewal and collagen production, Glycine has anti-aging properties and is a great amino to have in your daily moisturiser.

4. Histidine - Soothing Amino Acid Benefits

Histidine has powerful antioxidant properties and helps to soothe the skin. If you have sensitive skin or combination skin, skincare products that feature Histidine will help to soothe irritated skin and reduce inflammation and redness. As an antioxidant, Histidine will also help to reduce the presence of free radicals, leading to a more healthy and youthful appearance.

5. Leucine - Amino to Improve Fine Lines

When used alongside amino acids Glycine and Proline, Leucine can improve fine lines and wrinkles. Claimed to regulate cellular processes such as protein synthesis, tissue regeneration, and even metabolism, Leucine is a great amino for anti-aging effects.

6. Lysine - Collagen Amino Acid Benefits

Another powerful amino acid to combat the undesirable effects of aging is Lysine. This particular amino acid is very hydrating for the skin and is said to aid collagen production too. Collagen is key to a fresh and youthful look, so having Lysine present in your favourite beauty products is certainly a good thing.

7. Methionine - Amino to Improve Uneven Skin Tone

If you have an uneven skin tone, Methionine could help. As a sulfur-containing amino acid, Methionine not only helps improve skin elasticity, but it can also improve your unique skin tone. If that wasn’t enough, Methionine also neutralises free radicals and can prevent premature aging!

8. Proline - Anti-aging Amino

When combined with amino acids Glycine and Leucine, Proline fights the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. If your major skin concern is deep-set wrinkles, choose skincare products that contain Proline, Glycine, and Leucine. Proline will help improve the appearance of deep-set wrinkles, crows feet, and smile lines.

9. Threonine - Amino Acid for Combination & Dry Skin

Key to the natural production of collagen and elastin, Threonine is a fabulous building block amino acid. When applied topically to the skin, it is very hydrating. If you have dry or combination skin, try a light-weight moisturiser with Threonine.

10. Tyrosine - Helps Your Skin to Absorb Key Aminos

To make the most of your amino acid skincare products, you’ll need a product that includes Tyrosine. This particular amino acid helps proteins and other beneficial skincare ingredients penetrate the skin. A skincare product that contains Tyrosine will be more nourishing and will allow other key aminos to do their magic.

Amino acid benefits vary depending on the type of acid present in your skincare or beauty product. Since knowledge is power, it’s important to understand their unique benefits so that you can choose the right skincare products for your individual skin type and skin concerns. We hope you find this list of top 10 most powerful and popular amino acids useful!

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