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Updated: Aug 11, 2020

Let your natural, luminous glow shine through your laptop screen now

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It has been slightly over a month since the circuit breaker was announced in Singapore, and we’re sure that many of you have eased into new routines of normalcy. Everything from ordering meals from your favourite restaurants to shopping for essentials has transitioned online seamlessly.

But if you’re used to making regular visits to your facialist or dermatologists, you may be wondering how you can keep your complexion looking its best for those important work-from-home (WFH) meetings. Here are some must-dos to get ready before your next video call, no beauty filters needed!

Firstly, stay hydrated to feel good inside and out

While drinking plenty of water doesn’t automatically translate to good skin, it is a good habit to practice—especially now. It’s easy to go hours without a sip of water when you’re spending long hours in front of the computer at home! In an interview with Harper’s Bazaar, Dr Mervyn Patterson, a cosmetic dermatologist at Woodfort Medical, says adequate hydration is necessary but “it is only one factor”. He shares that topical treatments are vital in hydrating the skin in order to have a good functioning external skin barrier, and that “adequate levels of moisture-retaining constituents are needed to lock moisture into the skin.”

1. Start the day with clean and luminous skin

Look At Your Best During Work From Home Meetings - Starting Your Day

One of the benefits of WFH? Not having to pile on makeup every day and giving your skin a chance to truly breathe. However, you shouldn’t be discounting your skincare routine because oils, sweat and dirt will continue to accumulate on your face throughout the day—even if you’ve not stepped out of the house!

To kick-start the work day on a clean slate, use a natural clay-based cleanser that draws out excess oil and toxins from your skin. Opt for one like the b.glen Clay Wash, which contains montmorillonite, a natural clay that gently extracts excess sebum and impurities without removing vital oils needed to maintain your skin’s natural moisture. It’s also gentle enough for different skin types, so grab one for you and send one to a girlfriend to thank her for the surprise coffee deliveries she’s been spoiling you with.

b.glen Clay Wash was awarded Best Cleanser for Sensitive Skin in Singapore’s Women Weekly Best Beauty Buys 2020.

2. Skin all clean? Follow up with a high efficacy toner and serums

Look At Your Best During Work From Home Meetings - Toners and Serums

After cleansing, reach for a lightweight toner like the QuSome Lotion. Besides correcting and balancing the pH of your skin, the lotion’s star quality lies in its proprietary QuSome® technology. This revolutionary tech helps your skin fully absorb complementary b.glen products that you use after, deeply penetrating the outermost layer of your skin to ensure it fully absorbs the rich ingredients. QuSome Lotion also contains ingredients like homeoshield, a seaweed-derived extract that helps to promote smoother skin and ethyl ascorbic acid, a Vitamin C derivative that helps diminish spots and freckles. You’re also gently hydrating your skin at the same time, which helps diminish the appearance of enlarged pores.

Your skin is now prepped for serums to give your complexion that extra revitalising boost—just what you need to make your colleagues do a double take when it’s your turn to present on call!

3. Invest in pure Vitamin C to promote collagen production, prevent wrinkles, and sagging!

Look At Your Best During Work From Home Meetings - Vitamin C

For starters, you’ll want to use something that contains a high concentration of Vitamin C to effectively brighten your skin. However, pure Vitamin C in products can be tricky—how so? Danusia Wnek, a chemist in the Good Housekeeping Institute’s Beauty Lab, shares that while Vitamin C is highly effective in its pure form, it is a tricky ingredient to formulate with because it is very unstable and can degrade with exposure to oxygen, light, water and high pH.

b.glen’s highly-popular C Serum is formulated with 7.5% pure vitamin C from ascorbic acid, which is stabilised by QuSome® technology—this allows penetration deep in the skin. To reap maximum benefits, place a small amount of the serum in the palm of your hands, then use your fingertips to spread and gently massage the product into your face. Place your palms onto the massaged areas to let the warmth of your hand help the serum blend into the skin.

b.glen C Serum was awarded Best Serum Readers’ Choice in Beauty Insider Singapore’s Beauty & Wellness Awards 2020.

4. Get that glossy, luminous complexion with a brightening essence

Look At Your Best During Work From Home Meetings - Brightening Essence

If you feel that your skin has become dull—and being a complete homebody doesn’t help—try an intense brightener like the scientifically advanced White Essence.

Did you know? For ingredients in skincare to work, they need to penetrate the outermost layer (known as the stratum corneum) of your epidermis.

The scientifically advanced Brightening Essence does just that, incorporating b.glen’s own Advanced QuSome® technology to stabilise the key brightening component, Arbutin, a derivative of “hydroquinone”. This is important so that the White Essence can be used in the day.

Don’t forget to use the essence with a sunscreen for UV protection, to maintain a spotless complexion even while at home! You should see your spots, blemishes and pigmentation lighten up with consistent use after approximately 45 – 60 days.

5. Sunscreen even at home? You heard right!

Look At Your Best During Work From Home Meetings - Sunscreen

If you’re thinking of skipping SPF now that you’re indoors, think again! While you may be skipping your usual work commute, you still need to ensure your skin is getting protected from harmful rays. Chris Adigun, MD, FAAD, a practicing dermatologist based in North Carolina and spokesperson for the Skin Cancer Foundation, shares with Health that UVA rays—which make up 95% of the sun’s rays that reach the earth—can pass through your windows and reach your skin, and these rays are harmful enough to cause skin cancer.

6. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize

Look At Your Best During Work From Home Meetings - Moisturize

If there’s one thing beauty filters on numerous applications have in common, it’s giving you that poreless, smooth and seemingly lush skin. Achieve it naturally by finishing off your skincare routine with a rich moisturizer like the QuSome Moisture Rich Cream to restore vitality from within and give you firm skin with boosted elasticity.

Containing ingredients like polyamine to give you boosted elasticity for taunt, bouncy skin, uplevity to support collagen production, and lamirin to give your skin strength, it won’t be long before you hear your team curiously asking about your newfound glow.

The Moisture Rich Cream also contains the highly coveted ingredient squalane, which helps to hydrate the skin by helping to retain moisture so your epidermis is well-protected.

Here are some additional tips you can try to complement your newfound skincare routine:

  • Set up your workspace in a brightly-lit room, preferably with natural sunlight (thus the importance of sunscreen!) so that your face is well-lit

  • Always change into a fresh set of work clothes. It may be tempting to hop straight out of bed to your desk, but putting in the effort to “dress up” for work is likely going to make you the most presentable on screen!

  • Keep your hair out of your face! Whether it’s pulling it back in a low ponytail or wearing a chic headband, you help keep unnecessary oil and grease off your face—plus let your new, glowy skin truly shine!

All products mentioned above may be purchased individually here, or treat yourself to the “Luminous Glass Skin Set” subscription here and get 20% off your current and future orders.

Products we love and recommend for #WFH:

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