How to Get “Glass Skin” Overnight

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

We narrow down our favorite hacks to get coveted clear, poreless skin instantly

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Boasting clear complexions that exude a healthy, natural glow, there’s no denying that the Korean trend of “glass skin” is a coveted skincare look. And it’s likely that everyone from your colleague to your 17-year-old cousin has jumped on the latest glass skin trend—luminous, mirror-like skin that is hydrated and shiny—but never oily. It’s truly fascinating.

There are many different steps and/or recommendations online for harnessing the art of glass skin, with many articles recommending a comprehensive “10-step” Korean skincare routine. But for the ladies who don’t have the time, we’re here to share our favourite products that prove effective as well. From moisturising ones chock-full of high efficacy ingredients to award-winning Japanese skincare—you’re on your way to achieving glass skin in no time. Good luck!

1. Make sure your face is clear of grime

Any skincare trend would require your face to be as free of oil, dirt, and any other pollutants as possible. Removing blackheads out of large pores will instantly help you get clear and brighter skin. Your large pores will also diminish in size, which helps you get a step closer to the poreless look that glass skin advocates. There are many ways to remove blackheads, including clinical facials, but for a quick fix, apply salicylic acid can help to break down sebum oil on your face or opt for a mild (pH-balanced), water-soluble cleanser that will help to remove impurities while protecting skin from harmful bacteria and then use a toner containing Niacinamide, such as The Moisturizers Co. Glow Renew Essence Toner that contains Niacinamide and multiple skin actives such as Pro-Vitamin B5, Sodium PCA and Green Tea that deeply penetrates the epidermis to restore elasticity, balance skin's acid mantle and replenish moisture.

Product Recommendation:

2. Exfoliate for fresh, soft skin

Exfoliation is the process of getting rid of dead skin that clog pores on the surface of your skin. If you wonder why exfoliation is needed as a step for glass skin, imagine this: the more gunk you get off your skin, the easier your skincare is sinking into soft, new skin for the best results. Also, exfoliation doesn’t have to involve harsh chemicals or a skin buffing tool, using facial treatment pads or natural cellulose sponges infused with a gentle cleanser will do wonders too.

3. Use a face mist and get spritzing

We love a good blast of pure hydration at any time of the day. Face mists are excellent because they are easy to carry around, and ready for a quick spritz whenever you need to give your skin an instant, dewy look. They are also light enough to not mess up your makeup, and small enough to carry around in your bag. Look for ingredients like Pro-vitamin B5 to keep dry skin at bay and Green Tea to boost the immune response in skin cells to protect from external toxins. You can also use a face mist before applying your foundation in the morning to give your face a smoother, hydrated canvas—perfect for makeup.

Tip: The Glow Renew Essence Toner from The Moisturizers Co. contains Pro-vitamin B5, Green Tea extracts, and multiple skin actives to plump up fine lines, hydrate and regenerate the skin. It does not contain alcohol to prevent dryness, irritation, and breakouts from frequent spritzing / use.

4. Look for an all-rounder like squalane to boost results

Even if you’re not familiar with skincare ingredients, you might have heard of squalane when reading through beauty blogs or magazines thanks to its growing popularity. This plant-derived nutrient is an all-in-one powerful ingredient that encourages cell turnover and increases collagen production, while protecting against damaging UV rays, harsh environmental exposure, and most importantly—retains skin moisture levels. Tip: The Moisturizers Co's Cell Regenerate Gel Cream contains Squalane AND Black Mulberry extracts (which contain Resveratrol) that slow down the signs of aging skin—a two in one skincare boost.

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5. Moisturise until your skin is moist and plump

Just like yet another K-beauty skincare trend “chok chok”, which basically translates to “moist” or “damp”, one of the key components of glass skin is having incredibly moisturized skin that’s bright, almost translucent and reflective like a pane of glass. The one-step Brightening Moisturizing Cream from The Moisturizers Co. features the remarkable skin brighteners - Arbutin and Vitamin C, that lighten skin pigmentation and it is serum-infused to luxuriously soothe and deliver ultra-smooth skin. Just one use of this moisturiser and you’ll see the results of refreshed, hydrated and plump skin with a beautiful glow.

Love This!

If you’re looking to invest in a set of products dedicated to achieving the glass skin look, you may also explore the b.glen Luminous Glass Skin Set. Made in Japan, the set consists of 5 products that cover your cleansing to moisturising needs. Here’s a quick breakdown on why they are highly loved by us:

  • The award-winning Clay Wash has the natural ability to extract dirt and excess sebum without stripping your skin’s natural oils and moisture (no more resorting to harsh nose strips!)

  • The QuSome lotion with proprietary Charged Qusome® technology that allows better absorption of the next beauty ingredient you apply, deeper penetration for maximum hydration.

  • The C serum contains a potent concentration of pure Vitamin C—something not every skincare product is able to deliver well!

  • Fancy a brighter complexion? The QuSome White Essence is formulated with Arbutin and boosted with Advanced Qusome® technology to maximize absorption and effectiveness for an overall brighter outlook, while targeting damage caused by ultraviolet light.

  • Turn back the clock with the QuSome Moisture Rich Cream, developed to target deep wrinkles and sagging skin. With a unique blend of QuSome® Age Recover Complex ingredients to penetrate and revitalize the skin, you’ll start seeing restored vitality soon!

Learn more about the Luminous Glass Skin Set here:

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