Let’s Get Youthful – 7 Ways to Beat Aging Skin

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

Looking wrinkle-free with glowing skin isn’t impossible

Let's Get Youthful - 5 Ways to Beat Aging Skin | Blog | Skintelligence

Perhaps the only thing scarier than getting your credit card bill every month—having someone nonchalantly comment that you’ve been looking older, and…is that your first wrinkle?

Before you start cooking up spiteful comebacks, look at it this way. With back-to-back daily schedules, it’s honestly hard to imagine Singaporean women not looking weary. Days of naturally youthful skin are long behind us, but it’s not too late to sit up and take notes on how to turn back time. Ready?

1. Catch up on the Z’s for glowing skin

Skincare tips for glowing skin

Here’s a great reason to indulge in beauty sleep. Getting enough rest allows your body to naturally repair and rejuvenate itself—ensuring you wake up refreshed with glowing skin.

#Tip: Give yourself 10 minutes every night to giggle over your favourite cat memes, then put your phone away. Your wrinkle-free skin will thank you in the long run.

2. Load up on H2O and watch dull skin brighten

How to brighten dull skin

In today’s millennial culture of coffees, drinking sufficient water is probably the last thing on anyone’s mind. Change that mindset, because water is your key to regaining youthful skin. It naturally flushes out toxins, prevents dull skin, and best of all? It's free. #Tip: Download an app that reminds you to drink water. It dishes reminders at different time intervals to drink up for youthful skin—perfect for when you’re busy.

3. Get moving!

Ways to achieve youthful skin | Blog | Skintelligence

A surefire way to getting glowing skin is that coveted post-workout flush. But it’s not just a momentary benefit—studies show that exercise slows down the cell-aging process and increases blood flow so your skin cells are in optimal condition. This keeps aging skin at bay, and gets you healthy at the same time.

#Tip: Set aside time each day (could be as little as 20-30 minutes a day) to complete one of these full body workouts at home or even attempt an abs workout challenge. A little goes a long way!

4. Go green. Go red. Get youthful skin.

Diet for younger-looking skin | Blog | Skintelligence

If there’s one way to remember what’s good for you, it’s to remember them by colour! Red fruits and vegetables are packed with lycopene, which aid in protection against the sun so pigmentation and wrinkles don’t develop. Meanwhile, your greens load you up on Vitamin C and lutein—important in maintaining good vision.

#Tip: Keep a container of different fruits in your refrigerator so you always have a healthy midday snack to reach for.

5. Brighter skin and eyes with Essence Masking

Reduce dark eye rings and puffy eyes | Blog | Skintelligence

This multi-purpose essence toner is everything — from it being a regular toner to a face mist, Glow Renew Essence Toner with Green Tea can even be a face mask. With every purchase of this toner, it comes with 5 capsules of compressed silk masks. Use them in your weekly skincare routine to reap the benefits of Essence Masking, such as increased elastin production, reduced dark eye circles and eye puffiness. 

"These ultra-thin masks from The Moisturizers Co. work so effectively to soak in every drop of the essence, compared to other compressed masks’," says Amanda, Founder of Layersofskins.

"You don't even need that much essence for the face mask to expand. With the other brand, it’s so dry and would require so much more essence just for the mask expansion due to its thickness."


6. Replenish with an Antioxidant Serum

Benefits of antioxidant serum | Blog | Skintelligence

Antioxidants are taking the lead as one of the most important skin care ingredient. This is largely attributed to their skin-health benefits in supporting healthy skin cells and fighting oxidative stress (which can lead to damaged, fragile skin).

“In my opinion, an antioxidant serum is a must for your skin-care routine,” says Lian Mack, MD, a board-certified dermatologist.

“Antioxidants protect the skin by reducing and counteracting free radical production. These free radicals can assault your skin, damaging healthy skin cells and creating oxidative stress. Antioxidants protect your skin from this and help reduce pigmentation and fine lines and wrinkles,” explains Dr. Mack.

Not sure where to begin? Try the award-winning Everyday Serum that is formulated with Swiss Apple Stem Cell, an antioxidant and skin conditioner that leaves your skin softer, smoother and stronger than it was before.


7. Moisturize your way to glowing skin

Good moisturiser for glowing skin | Blog | Skintelligence

Dull skin looks aged and unattractive. Over time, this is something makeup is unable to conceal. Don’t go down that path and start learning to moisturize day and night! A good moisturizer should be packed with quality ingredients such as antioxidants, vitamin derivatives and peptides that stimulate collagen and prevent aging skin—delivering glowing skin that is firm and supple. At The Moisturizers Co, we live and breathe moisturizing, and stand by its numerous benefits. Feel free to reach out to us if you have a question on moisturizers or check out this post where we have all your moisturizer questions answered.

#Tip: We’ve got your back. Try the Cell Regenerate Gel Cream for youthful skin, or pair it with the Brightening Moisturizing Cream for soft, glowing skin, or the Ultra Pore Refiner with Niacinamide for clear, flawless skin.


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