Glow Renew Essence Toner with Green Tea


A multi-action essence toner that acts as a regular toner, face mist & face mask. Effectively brightens complexion, clears and prevents blackheads / whiteheads and improving skin's smoothness for bouncy, dewy skin. Could be used around the eye area to reduce puffiness & lighten dark circles.


Each purchase of the Glow Renew Essence Toner comes with 5 capsules of compressed silk masks.

1. Contains rich skin conditioning actives


- Formulated with antioxidant-rich Green Tea to rid blackheads / whiteheads embedded in skin. The EGCG in green tea also has shown improvement in battling acne and oily skin in various studies.


- Pro-Vitamin B5 is a water-binding vitamin that attracts and retains skin moisture, and deeply penetrates the epidermis to plump up fine lines, hydrate and regenerate the skin.


- Niacinamide prevents clogged pores and gently fades post-acne scars while encouraging more collagen and elastin for bouncy skin.


- Sodium PCA and Aloe Vera to restore elasticity, balance skin's acid mantle, and replenish moisture.



2. Multi-use cases:


- Regular Toner;


- Face Mist (transfer solution to a portable mist spray bottle);


- Essence Masking

With the purchase of our Glow Renew Essence Toner, get 5 capsules containing an ultra-thin silk mask—which you can use to soak up the toner as an Essence Mask! Achieve benefits of Essence Masking, such as increased elastin production, and reduced dark eye circles + eye puffiness. 



3. Lightweight Texture

A lightweight toner that protects and plumps up your skin with a clear glow.



4. Does not contain parabens, silicones or alcohol. Product does not clog pores.